Toni Jones

Architectural Associate

“This above all: to thine own self be true”, said by William Shakespeare, but used to advise and inspire many people, including Toni Jones. Toni began her architectural journey while visiting a friend who was in her 1st year of architecture school. Toni was attracted to the studio culture and the types of courses that her friend was taking. Igniting a passion in Toni, she went on to earn her bachelor’s in architectural studies and her masters in architecture.

Finding inspiration through her father and grandfather, Toni strives for excellence in all of her projects, but enjoys focusing on recreational projects. Her unique perspective, derived from her background, experience and cultural influences, offers a different view on architecture. Toni’s advice to the up-and-coming architects is to pay attention I Professional Practice class, take lots of notes and start the ARE exams as soon as you graduate.