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Designing accessible, sustainable, and budget-conscious community spaces is close to our hearts. Some of our municipal projects include emergency response, senior and community centers, and public works facilities.

Police & Fire

Coral Springs Police Station
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As a reliable partner to Florida, we deliver craftsmanship and workmanship, high-quality materials, and award-winning designs for emergency services facilities.


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international airport
subaru Render 03-11-2021

Retail and office, transportation centers, and other commercial projects require a keen understanding of how both employees and patrons approach, circulate, and utilize space. This is a design challenge that our team loves.


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We create environments to optimize learning. Whether it’s a reading center, laboratory, or training facility, our architects thoughtfully design to engage minds and bodies.


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Whether it’s a renovation of a historic inn, designing a new hotel, or constructing a waterpark, our designs are thoughtful, welcoming, and inviting.

Parks & Recreation

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2033A - CS OSD - SP-2 2020-07-08 progress

Parks and botanical gardens, sports facilities, and amphitheaters are the core of our towns and neighborhoods.