Port St. Lucie Police Training Facilities

Port St. Lucie Police Training Facilities

Port St. Lucie, Florida

CPZ Architects has been chosen to develop the Design Criteria package for the new Police Training Facility for Port St. Lucie. The new facility will be an addition to the City Municipal Complex, which houses City Hall, Police Station, and Building Department. This process includes the building design, site plan approval, civil engineering, site drainage, and environmental reviews. The building was designed at approximately 26,787 SF and includes a 20-lane tactical target range measuring 40 yards. The support spaces in the facility include a control room for the firing range, a MILO training room, storage for ammo and armory, and administrative offices. The auditorium and range will not only benefit the city but can also be leased out to other law enforcement agencies. These spaces are placed strategically to allow visitors entry while separating and maintaining privacy for staff. The second-floor portion of the building is designed as a vanilla box office space. This will provide future office space for the City. The design has been approved by the client and is currently under the site plan approval process.

Project Type

Governmental, New Construction


Full Architectural

Construction Cost

$20 Million


Municipal, On the Boards, Police and Public Safety