800 Block

800 Block

Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach’s East Atlantic Ave. is an easily walkable beach town with a cool atmosphere for shopping and restaurants. The Delray Beach CRA’s main purpose is to improve the attractiveness and quality of life in the community through expanding and developing. This project, 800 Block Container Park located on West Atlantic Ave. This new commercial retail and restaurant park will connect the community to East Atlantic Ave. and it’s notably fast-paced development. The use of containers for this development was suggested by the client as a way of creating a landmark and new type of space in the community meant to encourage and increase investment in the redevelopment area.

The 800 Block project is comprised of 7 food service containers, 7 retail service containers, dining, and seating area throughout the space, play area, a performance stage, and an open-air marketplace for transient retail opportunities. The site is accessible and will be equipped with 39 parking spaces available for visitors. A bus stop is conveniently located on the south of the site.

After attending the community redevelopment meetings and hearing the community’s concerns and suggestions, the design has been shaped for them.

Project Type

Parks and Recreation, Commercial


Architectural Design


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