People + Architecture at Work in Port Everglades

We’re working with Port Everglades to design a new Public Works facility. The new facility will bring together all the divisions and trades currently spread across Port Everglades, including the people and the equipment, into a central location. This consolidation will improve management and operational efficiency and effectiveness.

The initial design brings the trades together by unifying the most fundamental element: its people. Through interviews with staff, the trades are organized on a structural grid based on critical adjacencies. With a people-first approach, the design facilitates communication, connection, and community among Public Works.

And the main architectural element that pulls each of the two divisions together is the Central Mall. The Central Mall serves as the spine of the building, creating ample space for employees to gather and interact, eat, and enjoy other amenities. With two large clerestories to filter light from either side, it’s a break room that abandons the “room.” The air-conditioned open area overlooks a large exterior courtyard with a covered terrace, giving employees choices for restful breaks or connection. 

The administration building intersects the trades and is part of but offset in the main building. The second floor of the administration building overlooks the Central Mall from a large balcony. Division offices are organized on either side of the administration building, with Facilities on one side and Operations on the other. 

The Storekeeper Building is strategically sited as a standalone structure near the access. This facilitates deliveries but allows for the rest of the site to be gated and secured to prevent unauthorized access. 

All buildings are designed to be hardened with emergency back-up power to function through and after a Category 5 hurricane.