Architectural Associate

Lynn Van Duyne offers her unique talents through her experience with interiors blended with historic preservation, archeology, and applied the tools she’s gained in the field for each project she undertakes. Lynn earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in interior design and her Master of Arts degree in historic preservation. With these interests, Lynn got involved in the architecture field, as interior design and architecture naturally go hand in hand.

Lynn’s greatest work inspiration was derived from an architect that she once had the pleasure to work with. However, her greatest accomplishment to date is her family and friends. With a passion for working on historic structures, Lynn’s long-term goal is to restore and live in a historic farmhouse. The greatest advice Lynn has ever received is to approach large undertakings in small bites, then it doesn’t taste so bad. The advice that she would give any architectural and interior design students is for them to get their professional license as soon as possible as it will be extremely beneficial to their career