Keron Murrell

Architectural Associate

Keron Murrell decided to finally pursue architecture after studying Math/Engineering at the University of the Virgin Islands. Due to a lack of passion for these majors, and a love for drawing, Keron made the move to Florida and began his education at Miami Dade College. After acquiring his associate degree, he attended Florida Atlantic University and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. After many years, 3 schools and a major relocation, Keron accomplished his goal of earning his degree. Though the road was rocky to achieve this, he persevered and now has his eyes set on becoming a license architect and one day designing his own home- whether here in Florida or a vacation home in the islands.

Keron’s interests in architecture stemmed from his love for drawing; excelling in his drafting courses in high school and being the son of a builder, who once told him that, “who told him that there is nothing better than building something out of nothing, and when you’re done, being able to admire your hard work.” With this knowledge and the long journey he has had to get to where he is, Keron’s advice to the next generation of architectural students is “don’t worry, school is harder” and “even after all the schooling, you still won’t know anything about the practice of architecture.”