Jose Jorge (JJ) Fernandez

Construction Administration Manager

Jose Jorge (JJ) Fernandez joined CPZ Architects at the start of 2023. With investments in real estate, real estate development, as well as design and construction related to his business ventures, JJ has had architecture as a part of his life since he was a child.




As an alumnus of Miami Dade Community College and the University of Miami school of architecture, JJ’s greatest accomplishments to date are overseeing construction of the 6 level, cast-in-place concrete, double helix garage ramp and the installation of South Florida’s first 54’ diameter, heavy truck loading dock turntable at the indoor, below grade, loading dock facility, both are part of the major expansion and upgrades to an upscale, luxury retail mall for which JJ managed the CA services phase of the project.

With the long-term goal of continuing to provide CA services for legacy projects, the most important pieces of advice that JJ has to give, from personal experience, are first, know your contract inside and out and second, every line and word upon a set of drawings and specifications are important for the successful outcome of the project, as well as impacts the cost and schedule associated with the project. While providing CA services to local, state and federal projects, JJ finds that these projects have a more structured environment that is seldomly seen on private sector work. JJ adds a unique perspective to our projects and finds his passion in being involved with managing the construction side of the projects.