Heidi Rodriguez

Architect, Senior Project Manager

Heidi’s relentlessness and disposition to service the client are unique qualities that help her excel on all of her projects. In an industry filled with capable and creative architects, Heidi’s dedication provides a different level of service that is required in keeping a demanding client happy.

Heidi Rodriguez decided to pursue architecture after having spoken to a complete stranger at 16 years old. Heidi was about to graduate and was not sure what career she wanted to pursue, and it was a conversation with a stranger and her passion for math and drawing that directed her path towards her successful career in architecture. Heidi went on to earn her bachelors in architecture from the University of Florida, her masters degree from Florida International University and as of 2022 finished her licensure exams to become a registered architect. Heidi was able to accomplish this incredible goal while being a devoted and attentive mother of two under the age of five and continuing to work full time managing a multi-million dollar project.

Heidi strives not only to own an architectural firm, but to make a difference in the architecture industry. The greatest piece of advice that has driven Heidi to accomplish all that she has is to never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. Through her experiences, the advice that Heidi would give to the next generation of architects is to learn as much as you can from what is being taught in school; don’t cut corners. Whatever you don’t learn in school will come haunt you after anyway.