Haley Lovin

Architectural Associate

Haley Lovin joined CPZ Architects in 2022 after having graduated from The Ohio State University with her Masters in Architecture. As a natural born artist that comes from a family of engineers, Haley finds that architecture is the middle ground for her between familiarity and self-expression. With the goal of becoming a licensed architect and designing her own home, Haley is gaining the knowledge and experience by helping her parents communicate their dreams and ideas into their own homes.

Haley’s unique approach to architecture through combining traditional and contemporary viewpoints is seen in her designs. Currently, Haley’s favorite type of project to work on is fire stations due to the fact that each one is similar, but unique to its site and community. Haley’s advice to the next generation of architects is to never look or care what other people are doing around you. She believes that each person should let their own reality be their inspiration.