Flamingo Gardens Mary N. Porter Learning Center

Flamingo Gardens Botanical Garden & Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Broward County. CPZ Architects is thrilled to have designed a new Learning Center, nestled in the heart of the botanical garden. 

Taking our cues from the historic Wray House and surrounding landscape, the new Mary N. Porter Learning Center will feel like it has always been a part of Flamingo Gardens. The Mary N. Porter Learning Center will provide 3,000 square feet of multi-purpose meeting and classroom space, exhibition space, and ADA restrooms for the more than 180,000 visitors to Flamingo Gardens each year. 

More than 90 species of Florida native birds and animals, most permanently injured or non-releasable, call the 60-acre Flamingo Gardens home. The Learning Center will also serve as a bunker for wildlife during hurricanes.