Fire Station No. 80 featured in Fire Chief Magazine

2011 Stationstyle Design Awards: Career Notable

Positioned at the north end of the Public Safety Complex allows for separate and efficient vehicular flow. Gates automatically open by vehi­cle transponders. Concrete aprons extend front and rear. The main entry canopy and watch office pro­vides controlled access. The com­munity room can be reconfigured into three additional dorm rooms.

Dorm rooms are situated along three separate straight corridors, allowing quick apparatus bay access. The second apparatus bay is extend­ed for longer apparatus and has four-fold glass doors. Center trench drains, electrical drops, non-slip quartz epoxy and masonry block surfaces with a durable paint finish were used. A cross-ventilation fan under the north stair tower pulls air from louvers in the opposite clere­story wall. Support spaces along to north include decontamination, restroom, driver/engineer room, oxygen cascade room, medical sup­ply storage, bunker gear storage, gym, and laundry room, reducing noise to the living quarters. A deep three-compartment sink, stainless-steel furnishing, floor drains and commercial­ grade gas stove complement the restaurant kitchen. Shift pantries house a refrigerator and wire shelving. In the dining room a small counter/cabinet beverage station has been provided. A patio was provided directly off the din­ing/day room with gas service that supplies a barbecue grill.

DESIGN TEAM: City of Coral Spring, Coral Springs Fire Department, Owner; Coral Springs
Construction Committee, Owners Fire Committee; Chen Moore and Associates, Owners
Represenative; CPZ Architects Inc., Architect; Pirtle Construction, Contractor; DeRose Design Consultants Inc., Civil & Structural; KAMM Consulating Inc., MEP; Landscape Architects
Collaborative Inc., Landscape Architect
FIRE CHIEF: Mark Curran
PROJECT AREA: 13,464 sq. ft.
TOTAL COST: $2.9 million