Chris Craddock

Project Manager

Chris Craddock is a legacy architect, having watched his father in the field as a child. Going to site visits and client meetings as a young child helped Chris not only become familiar with the life of an architect but helped develop his own personal passion for the field. When Chris got to college, he decided to pursue his bachelor’s degree in architecture from Florida Atlantic University. Chris finds his inspiration through continuing the family legacy, but striving to one day become an owner or partner in a well servicing architecture firm that is there to serve its clients.

Chris’ favorite type of projects to work on are the projects that impact the community. Working on community projects and having the opportunity to create spaces to improve the lives of community members gives Chris a sense of pride. Chris uses not only the tools he gains from each project, but his passion and attention to detail to surpass client expectation. Chris gives each project that comes across his desk his full attention and ensures that it is the best that it can be.

Throughout Chris’ travels and experience, the greatest advice that he has received is that it is not about knowing all the answer, but rather knowing where to find them. It is easy to become overwhelmed or discouraged when we don’t know the answer to something, but it is important to become comfortable asking questions and being able to find the answers. This is how we grow. As Architecture has had a lifelong impact on Chris, the lesson that has stood out the most, that he would pass along to the next generation, is to join an internship as soon as possible. Nothing has helped prepare Chris more for the field than having the opportunity to work in the office. His first job was scanning drawings, but even something as small as this gave him the opportunity to see thousands of details and drawings and gain tools that he still implements today. Just the little visuals that he was exposed to during this time opened his eyes to the complexity involved in architecture.