Building Information Modeling | CPZ Process

At CPZ Architects we value Building Information Modeling (BIM) combining our architectural design with that of our consultants including structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing bringing them together into a single, holistic digital experience. 

BIM is not just a 3D model rather a document database that improves project management and coordination from the planning stage through design, build, and operation and maintenance:  

  • Improves iterative design, team collaboration, and reduces potential for error.

BIM helps us more seamlessly coordinate with our consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors. It allows us to see potential conflicts before they have an impact on construction costs and timelines. 

  • Immerses clients in the design more meaningfully before construction begins. 


Not only does BIM help save our clients money through a more optimized workflow environment, using BIM softwares like Revit and rendering softwares like Lumion and Twinmotion we are able to give our clients a more comprehensive vision of their project. This allows us to bring their vision to life taking it one step further and integrating it with Virtual Reality (VR) experiences providing a new level of comfort to the owner architect experience.

  • Serves as a living record for the building to improve maintenance and troubleshoot problems. 

By using BIM it allows our Building managers to explore the building’s systems and isolate conflicts before they become a problem during construction. For instance we can quickly see when structure and mechanical conflict, requiring adjustments that can be made as an integrated whole.Whether it means adjusting architecture as needed or coordinating with consultants to design alternate ways to support floor slabs or bring in ductwork, BIM has brought unity to the industry and has resulted in more efficient and quality improved project.

Because of this, BIM is the gold standard for developing complex architectural designs and enduring architecture. It’s actually mandated in many projects across the world. CPZ utilizes software like Revit to implement BIM in our project planning, design, and construction oversight. We train our architects and designers in BIM to provide the best possible experience for our clients.