Amanda Guyah

Architectural Associate

Combining passions for both math and art, on the advice of her mother, Amanda Guyah followed her path toward architecture. Amanda earned her master’s degree from Florida International University in Architecture and the Arts. The FIU architecture program is a straight 6 year accelerated which results in a master’s degree. After having earned her degree, Amanda’s next goal is to obtain her architecture license.

Finding her inspiration through different buildings, and reading about different architects, Amanda takes the knowledge she receives and devotes her passion to her work. Using her tools and her ability to ask questions and listen to answers, Amanda enjoys working on the larger scale projects. She enjoys finding solutions to problems and applying the knowledge that she gains to each project. Amanda’s interests do not stop at architecture. With an interest in sustainability, Amanda plan’s to achieve LEED licensure as well, following earning her architecture license. Amanda’s lifetime goal is to own her own firm and use her skills to help and give back to communities around the world by creating sustainable infrastructure.

Amanda’s advice that she would give to the next generation of architects is to never give up. Even when others tell you that you should, don’t give up; just find what is right for you