Nikolas Marchan

Architect, Project Manager

Nikolas Marchan, one of CPZ Architect’s licensed architects, offers a different frame of reference, having moved to Florida from Canada. Nikolas grew up with a passion for building and architecture through his use of Lego’s as a child and his relationship with his uncle who was also an architect. A graduate of FIU’s masters in architecture program, Nikolas’ favorite type of project is any new type of project that will give him the opportunity to learn new tools to further his knowledge of his field.

Nikolas’ greatest accomplishment thus far is becoming a licensed architect and through this great achievement, the advice that he would give up-and-coming architects is to be open to every opportunity and most importantly, take the tests! That is the greatest advice Nikolas has received and he shares that knowledge with the next generation of architects as he believes you learn more by jumping right in and experiencing things for yourself.